Vacation House A

Anavyssos Attiki, Greece

“…The topos is the beginning.

The ground, as a limit, creates the conditions for a human floor. A below, that is intrinsically defined by contradiction to an above; a canopy.

In between there now exists the human, who can now dwell; experiencing the topos as he had never before…”

The study focuses on the design of a vacation house situated near the coast of the Saronic Gulf, within the Athenian Riviera. The primary aim of this architectural endeavour is not just to create a holiday residence, but to establish a shelter that redefines the inhabitant’s relationship with the surrounding environment (topos).
Commencing with a thorough survey of the site’s topography, the foundational principles of design are identified. Three walls, emerging from the existing ground, provide the framework for shaping an artificial floor conducive to human habitation; essentially, a new plateau for dwelling. The residence is completed through the addition of an integrated lightweight roof structure—a canopy—that extends over the enclosed spaces of the house, providing essential shade.
Together, the canopy and the surrounding walls form an inward-focused refuge for the inhabitant; a secluded sanctuary for reflection and relaxation. Linear glass walls dissolve boundaries, therefore offering curated views of the natural landscape while fostering a symbiotic dialogue between shelter and nature.