Retiré Athénien

Athens, Greece

This project transforms a top floor flat (level 13 of an Athenian Polykatoikia, i.e., a block of flats) from a three-bedroom layout to an open floor plan encouraging bonding and communication. A separate guest house is also used as an office.

Construction commenced by stripping away all existing walls, creating a seamless, environment.

At the core of the proposed spatial arrangement stands a prominent metal enclosure. This vital element serves not only as a functional hub for kitchen/bathrooms but also absorbs structural elements of the original 1970s building. Living, dining, sleeping, and dressing, spin around this pivotal feature.

The perimeter of the open plan arrangement with extensive use of glazed windows on all sides blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior. From all four corners of the residence there are 360 unobstructed views of the cityscape and its distinctive Athenian topography.

The visual link amongst in and out is further enhanced by surfaces continuity. Terrazzo flooring is applied in both the interior and the exterior spaces. Bespoke architectural elements travel back and forth in-between both worlds. The cantilevered carbon-fiber dining table inside projects as a cooking space – barbeque outside. A new metal canopy protects from the intense sun the extended outdoor spaces

The architectural intervention, offers a new geometry that pares off everything to a state of emptiness and highlights the conversion of this Athenian penthouse apartment into a realm of a different way of living.

Project Team

I. Diamanti

Light Design

Dr. George Fatseas

Structural Study of Metal Canopy

K. Lourantos


K. Korfiatis

Construction of Carbon Table

Olympic Marine S.A.

Metal Constructions

Qoop Metalworks