House in Kantza

Kantza, Greece

The purpose of the study is to create a permanent residence for a family with three children. The site is located in the area of Kantza, while its two opposing sides are defined by quiet neighborhood streets with an altitude difference of seven meters. The entrance is from the high side of the site, and the house is organized on various levels. At the entrance level are the mainly living areas (living room, dining room, kitchen), while at the next one the most private ones (master bedroom, children’s rooms) which are in direct relation with the garden and the swimming pool. Ground contact of the building is an essential choice as private spaces develop towards the courtyard, creating a single field of reference. However, it is also a structural choice, since the part of the house that contacts the ground is constructed as a concrete base, capable of receiving a light metal floor, that of the living areas. As a result, the most public spaces of the house acquire through transparency a dialectical relationship with the view of the Attic landscape.

Structural Engineer

D. Koumouras


Studio Taf