House on Skouze Hill

Athens, Greece

The house is located in a densely populated residential area, near the center of Athens. The site has only one East side to a quiet neighborhood street with strong characteristics. The aim of the study is to make the best possible use of the south orientation. This is achieved by detaching the building from the site boundaries and creating a distance of three meters from the adjacent south building. Also, a critical option is to create a center-weight atrium in the building, both in functionally and structurally way. The entrance is from the ground level and through the atrium which reveals a staircase for the first floor. The living areas are organized at the east side facing the neighborhood, while the more private areas of the house are located inside the plot, protected but at the same time open to the atrium and the south. The need for natural light and ventilation dictates the synthetic decisions both in terms of floor plan and volume, allowing the sun to penetrate into all areas of the house despite the close contact with neighboring buildings. Housing seeks to redefine the concept of privacy through transparency in a highly dense urban web.

Structural Engineer

D. Koumouras