Basketball Pavilion

Evia, Greece

The New Basketball Pavilion is situated on an elevated site, nestled between mountains and the sea in Nea Styra, Evia, within the Karystos municipality. As an extension of the existing local Sports Center, the pavilion is strategically positioned on a plateau amidst the surrounding outdoor football fields.

The building has a square footprint measuring 34 x 34 meters and is divided into two distinct zones: the sports area and the seating area. The seating area is designed as a self-contained volume, referred to as the “Box in a Box,” enclosed within the overall building structure. This is achieved by utilizing four prominent metal frames that suspend the roof, eliminating the need for internal structural elements. These frames are anchored to the ground by two concrete pillars, which visually define the seating area.

The architectural design capitalizes on the complementary interplay between void and solidity, creating a sense of harmony. Large openings on the east and west sides of the building provide ample natural light and ventilation, while smaller openings on the north and south sides enhance the connection with the surrounding environment and landscape, effectively blending the structure with the horizon.

Inside, public access to the Basketball Pavillion is facilitated by a central axis that traverses the building, starting from the northern façade and leading directly to the sports area. This axis is flanked by two diagonally positioned staircases within the seating area, ensuring a seamless flow of movement. Athletes, coaches, and referees have their own designated entrances at the ends of the northern façade, connecting their paths directly to the sports area.


Municipality of Karystos

Project Team

C. Faysse (physical model making)

Structural Study

Andermann Engineering

Building Technology

P. Diamantouros